Why did you choose to come to the OIG?

Prior to coming to the TVA OIG, I worked for approximately 7 years in public accounting. All of my time in public accounting was spent auditing financial statements, and I wanted to experience something different. I also spent a lot of time traveling and wanted to be able to spend more of that time at home enjoying my farm, being around friends, and just enjoying life.

What do you do at the OIG?

I work in the Organizational Effectiveness group, which is part of Evaluations. Essentially, for each business unit (BU) selected for review, we identify strengths and risks that could impact that BU's effectiveness by looking at its culture and operations.

What do you like about working at the OIG?

The opportunities for learning are great because we get to work on a true variety of projects. For example, I have been able to work on audits/reviews related to TVA's Hearing Conservation Program, TVA's Debt Ceiling, and TVA's Enterprise Risk Management Program, to name just a few. I also value our Telework Program, which allows individuals to work outside the office, at home or otherwise. I feel it allows me to be more independent, self-directed and productive. It also gives me a better work/life balance.

How has the OIG helped you build your career?

My work at the TVA OIG has immensely widened my operational auditing experience, and given me a more holistic approach to auditing. I have also gained valuable knowledge specific to the utility industry.

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