The Audits team performs a wide variety of engagements designed to promote positive change and provide assurance to TVA stakeholders. Based upon the results of these engagements, the Audits team makes recommendations to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of TVA programs and operations.

The Audits team generates and oversees comprehensive audits of TVA programs and operations, providing an inclusive picture of TVA's overall fiscal and operational health. This team is made up of three departments - Contract Audits, Financial and Operational Audits, and Information Technology Audits. This team performs its work in accordance with Government Auditing Standards.

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The Evaluations team seeks to ensure that program objectives and operational functions are achieved effectively and efficiently.

The Evaluations team is comprised of two departments - Evaluations and Organizational Effectiveness Evaluations. The Evaluations department performs both comprehensive reviews and more limited scope policy and program reviews. The Organizational Effectiveness Evaluations department performs risk-based reviews that assess operational and cultural areas to identify strengths and risks that could impact an organization's effectiveness. In accordance with the Quality Standards for Inspection and Evaluation, the objectives of the Evaluations team include providing a source of factual and analytical information, monitoring compliance, measuring performance, assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and conducting inquiries into allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement.


The Investigations team proactively and reactively uncovers activity related to fraud, waste, and abuse in TVA programs and operations.

This team performs its investigations in accordance with the Quality Standards for Investigations as prescribed by the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE), applicable United States Attorney General Guidelines, and other guiding documents. Special agents maintain liaisons with federal and state prosecutors and notify the U.S. Department of Justice whenever the OIG has reason to believe there has been a violation of federal and criminal law. The special agents partner with other investigative agencies and organizations on special projects and assignments, including interagency law enforcement task forces on terrorism, the environment, health care, and public corruption, as well as securities fraud.

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The Administration team works closely with the IG, Deputy IG, and Assistant IGs to support the day-to-day operations of the OIG and to develop policies and procedures designed to drive and enhance productivity in achieving the office goals.

Responsibilities include human resources, employee development, budget and financial management, purchasing and contract services, facilities coordination, office event planning,coordination of in-house training, communications, facilitation, and IT Services.

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