Tennessee Valley Authority
Office of the Inspector General
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Our Mission

We Promote Excellence in TVA

Our mission is to make TVA better by conducting investigations, audits, and evaluations designed to promote economy and boost effectiveness while preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse.

Created by Congress nine decades ago, the Tennessee Valley Authority aims to harness the potential of the rich resources in the Tennessee Valley region to make life better for the people who call it home. TVA provides electricity for the 10 million people in Tennessee and parts of six surrounding states, as well as industrial customers and federal installations. TVA also provides flood control, navigation and land management for the Tennessee River system, and assists with local economic development efforts.


The TVA OIG is composed of three core departments which all work together to keep TVA running smoothly and efficiently, while continuously improving.

The Audits and Evaluations team performs a wide variety of both comprehensive and limited scope reviews in order to promote positive change and provide assurance to TVA’s stakeholders. All of the reviews fall into one of five categories: Contract Audits, Financial and Operational Audits, Information Technology Audits, Evaluations, and Organizational Effectiveness. The team works in accordance with professional standards to identify the risk areas of TVA, assess TVA’s efficiency and effectiveness, evaluate TVA’s fiscal and operational health, monitor compliance, measure performance, and conduct inquiries into allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement.

The Investigations team proactively and reactively uncovers activity related to fraud, waste, and abuse in TVA programs and operations. This department is staffed with Special Agents, who are supported by fraud examiners, analysts, and data specialists. TVA OIG has Investigations offices in Knoxville, TN; Chattanooga, TN; Nashville, TN; and Huntsville, AL. Investigations are based on a variety of sources such as TVA management concerns and internal data analytics, Special Agent initiated inquiries, and tips and concerns provided through our hotline, the EmPowerline. The special agents collaborate with other investigative agencies and organizations on special projects and assignments, including interagency law enforcement task forces on terrorism, the environment, health care, and public corruption, as well as securities fraud.

The Administrative team supports the day-to-day operations of the OIG and develops policies and procedures designed to drive and enhance productivity in achieving the office goals. Responsibilities include IT Services (systems administration, networking, end user support, software development, and data analysis), human resources, employee development and training, budget and finance administration, contract services, and facilities coordination.


Every member of our team—from software engineers to auditors—is essential to achieving our mission of helping TVA provide exceptional service for the people of the Tennessee Valley.


The Audits and Evaluations team generates and oversees comprehensive financial, performance, operational audits, and effectiveness reviews of TVA programs and operations. These provide an inclusive picture of TVA’s overall fiscal, operational, and cultural health.

Special Agents & Fraud Examiners

The Investigations team uncovers activity related to fraud, waste, and abuse in TVA programs and operations.


Our Administrative team provides a critical role in supporting the OIG team to ensure they have the tools and resources to effectively perform their roles.

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