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Review of TVA's Non-Nuclear Employee Concerns Program

Due to the importance of the Non-Nuclear Employee Concerns Program (ECP) to the Tennessee Valley Authority's current culture and environment, this review was initiated to determine whether the program is addressing employee concerns in a timely and effective manner.

We found while the Non-Nuclear ECP has improved in addressing concerns in a timely manner, the effectiveness of the program could be improved. We found (1) there are instances where the Non-Nuclear ECP is not adequately addressing concerns, and (2) some employees feel that concerns are not being adequately addressed and reported experiencing pressure and repercussions from management and team members.

We recommended TVA management (1) identify an individual to perform audits and assessments of closed concerns, (2) coach individuals addressing concerns on what constitutes a sufficient investigation, and (3) develop an instrument to send to complainants to indicate instances of retaliation and investigate as necessary. TVA management agreed with our findings and recommendations. Click here to read the summary of this report…

Review of NPG and CG&O Critical Spare Parts Programs

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) identified asset performance and operations as a major risk for the agency. Without effective management of critical spare parts, TVA could face equipment failure which could result in safety and generating failures. This review was initiated to determine if the Nuclear Power Group (NPG) and Coal & Gas Operations (C&GO) were effectively managing critical spare parts.

We found critical spare parts could be managed more effectively and there were inconsistencies in TVA's management of its critical spare parts. Specifically, we found (1) C&GO does not have written policies to govern its critical spare parts program; (2) preventive maintenance is not being performed on critical spare parts at certain plants; and (3) information maintained in TVA's system for asset and location information, Maximo, regarding critical spare parts, is unreliable. We also found the lack of critical spare parts has negatively affected system and component health. Click here to read this report.

Message from the IG

The TVA Office of Inspector General performs a crucial mission by providing independent and objective reporting to the TVA board, the Congress, and other stakeholders. The OIG does this through its audit, evaluation and investigative activities. By statute it is charged with promoting economy and efficiency throughout TVA while preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse affecting TVA. TVA employees, contractors, and the public can help the TVA OIG fulfill its mission and make a difference at TVA by reporting any suspicions about fraud, waste and abuse to the OIG hotline system, known as Empowerline.