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The TVA OIG Releases Its Fall 2014 Semiannual Report to Congress

In the feature article of this report, we focus on TVA's ability and plans to engage the people that generate the power and carry out the mission of TVA. We discuss the importance of a healthy culture at TVA and examine: (1) TVA's history of attempting to engage its workforce, (2) the risk posed by poor organizational health to TVA's ability to accomplish its mission long term and (3) the role and responsibilities of the OIG in analyzing TVA's organizational effectiveness and reporting its findings. The OIG's audit, evaluation, and investigative activities in this semiannual period identified more than $3.3 million in funds that could be put to better use, questioned costs, recoveries, savings and penalties as well as opportunities for TVA to improve its programs and operations. Click here to read this report…

Productivity Improvement Initiatives

The OIG audited approximately $3.36 million in costs billed to TVA by Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) as of September 30, 2014. In summary, we found costs billed to TVA were supported by invoices paid to third parties by BTES. However, we noted (1) instances where costs billed were not supported by evidence that work associated with said invoices had been completed (2) BTES did not complete all actions required under the contract, and (3) TVA has not determined the benefits of the Project. Finally, we noted TVA is providing excessive credits to BTES each month under an existing DLC program based on documentation provided to us by BTES. We recommended TVA (1) ensure all payments made to BTES under contract are for work completed in accordance with the specifications and timelines required by the contract and determine what actions to take if all switches are not installed and working properly by January 30, 2015, (2) receive adequate support to ensure all work related to an invoice has been completed prior to payment and make receipt of key deliverables a requirement for payment under any future research and development related contracts, and (3) determine, based on the findings of the project, whether Load Control Schemes produce the desired effect for TVA, distributors, and residential customers before moving into a new program. Additionally, we recommended TVA reduce the monthly credits given to BTES under the existing DLC program to reflect BTES documentation of Switches installed under that program. TVA Management is working on plans to address the recommendations in the report. Click here to read this report…

Message from the IG

The TVA Office of Inspector General performs a crucial mission by providing independent and objective reporting to the TVA board, the Congress, and other stakeholders. The OIG does this through its audit, evaluation and investigative activities. By statute it is charged with promoting economy and efficiency throughout TVA while preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse affecting TVA. TVA employees, contractors, and the public can help the TVA OIG fulfill its mission and make a difference at TVA by reporting any suspicions about fraud, waste and abuse to the OIG hotline system, known as Empowerline.