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TVA OIG Releases Its 56th Semiannual Report to Congress (SAR)

The SAR theme focuses on balancing the operational advantages of mobile devices with the security risks inherent in a mobile environment. In the feature for the current semiannual report, we take a look at TVA’s use of mobile technologies to gain operational efficiencies and cost savings and the OIG’s role in helping TVA bolster security of its growing mobile device programs. Additionally, the report highlights our audit, evaluation, and investigative activities which identified more than $20 million in recoveries, fines, penalties, potential savings, and questioned costs as well as numerous opportunities for TVA to improve its programs and operations.Click here to read this report…

TVA Environmental Risk Management

The Office of the Inspector General evaluated the effectiveness of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) processes for identifying and managing actual and potential environmental issues and risks.

As part of this audit, we evaluated TVA's Environmental Management System, EMS, which plays a significant role in managing environmental risks across TVA and sustaining a high level of environmental compliance in TVA operations. Many positive aspects of the EMS program were evident and demonstrated effectiveness of functions related to environmental risk management; however, we determined opportunities for enhancing TVA's EMS exist in communicating with regulators, coordinating planning processes, emergency response preparedness, environmental training, and sharing lessons learned.

We recommended process improvements related to identifying risks and integrating environmental information sources, system enhancements to strengthen environmental reviews, and enhancements to EMS functions. By implementing our recommended actions, TVA can improve process efficiencies that will help sustain EMS effectiveness in the face of current challenges and impacts from budget constraints.

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Message from the IG

The TVA Office of Inspector General performs a crucial mission by providing independent and objective reporting to the TVA board, the Congress, and other stakeholders. The OIG does this through its audit, evaluation and investigative activities. By statute it is charged with promoting economy and efficiency throughout TVA while preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse affecting TVA. TVA employees, contractors, and the public can help the TVA OIG fulfill its mission and make a difference at TVA by reporting any suspicions about fraud, waste and abuse to the OIG hotline system, known as Empowerline.