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The TVA OIG Releases Its Fall 2015 Semiannual Report to Congresss

In the feature article of this report, the story of the OIG and its impact on TVA is chronicled from the time the office was born in controversy as a result of TVA’s encumbered nuclear program in the mid-1980s to today where TVA and TVA OIG continue to share the mutual purpose of making TVA better.

The feature article also highlights each of TVA’s inspectors general and the impact the OIG has had on TVA under each IG’s purview. It culminates in a 30-year highlights section noting key events that have shaped the office into what it is today; the financial impact – in recoveries and savings – of more than $1 billion the OIG has brought to TVA since its inception; and the award-winning work the office has produced to support TVA over the years. Click here to read this report…

Information Technology Organizational Effectiveness – Operations Solutions Delivery

The OIG performed this audit to determine Operation Solution Delivery's (OSD) current effectiveness, including alignment with TVA values. During our interviews with OSD personnel and customers, we found both groups expressed concern regarding the number of resources assigned to OSD. While OSD is currently able to meet its customers’ needs and cover the workload for supporting operational applications, OSD's resources are stretched, and as new technologies and needs arise, the current level of staff may not be able to meet customers' needs in the future. Additionally, the OSD staff expressed frustrations with the time it takes for changes to be applied to software and other services to be received from other IT organizational groups. Click here to read this report…

Message from the IG

The TVA Office of Inspector General performs a crucial mission by providing independent and objective reporting to the TVA board, the Congress, and other stakeholders. The OIG does this through its audit, evaluation and investigative activities. By statute it is charged with promoting economy and efficiency throughout TVA while preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse affecting TVA. TVA employees, contractors, and the public can help the TVA OIG fulfill its mission and make a difference at TVA by reporting any suspicions about fraud, waste and abuse to the OIG hotline system, known as Empowerline.