Why did you choose to come to the OIG?

I chose to come to the OIG because of the unique role that OIGs play in the Federal government. Specifically the role played by the TVA OIG intrigues me because of the variety of work our office does and the positive impact it has on my fellow residents in the Tennessee Valley. (There is no better place to live than in East Tennessee.)

What do you do at the OIG?

On most days, I utilize various technological tools and skills to acquire, analyze, and deliver data to the members of our office. I also get to support a number of other applications and IT Projects.

What do you like about working at the OIG?

I truly enjoy the work I do and I am grateful for the flexibility and work/life balance our office's management and policies afford me.

How has the OIG helped you build your career?

Throughout my time in the office, management has always been dedicated to providing any and all resources (training, certifications, books, etc.) that I needed to further my knowledge and skills. I have always felt an openness and willingness from management to help me identify and pursue my short and long term career goals.

The TVA OIG is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age. Any applicant or employee who believes he or she has a discrimination claim - to include harassment or retaliation - must contact TVA's Equal Opportunity Compliance office within 45 calendar days in order to file a claim.