Why did you choose to come to the OIG?

I grew up in East Tennessee, and can appreciate all of the benefits TVA has brought to the valley, so I have a vested interest in TVA's operational performance and financial health. I was looking for an opportunity to work in an organization where I felt that my efforts were going to help improve company operations. I felt like being a member of the TVA OIG would allow my personal contributions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of TVA operations and valley wide initiatives.

What do you do at the OIG?

I work in our Contract Audits department, and I perform contract proposal examinations and contract compliance audits. Prior to awarding a new contract or modifying the terms and conditions of an existing contract, my group evaluates the commercial conditions of the proposal and provides recommendations on the reasonableness of costs associated with the various cost components of the potential contract award or modification. We perform contract compliance audits of existing contracts to determine if billed costs are reasonable, supported, and in compliance with the contract terms and conditions.

What do you like about working at the OIG?

I really enjoy the type of work I do, and every proposal and contract is different, so I don't get stuck in a routine. I have a great working relationship with my peers, and we collaborate and share information so we can leverage each other's skill sets and areas of expertise. I enjoy working with a team that is so open to helping each other succeed. In addition, TVA OIG promotes a healthy work life balance for employees, which has provided me with the opportunity to have a career and still be present for my son's school activities and other life events.

How has the OIG helped you build your career?

TVA OIG has given me the opportunity to develop technical expertise in performing contract audit work, as well as improve my communication skills for fostering an open dialogue with all levels of my organization and those external to my organization.

The TVA OIG is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age. Any applicant or employee who believes he or she has a discrimination claim - to include harassment or retaliation - must contact TVA's Equal Opportunity Compliance office within 45 calendar days in order to file a claim.